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The Challenge

Arcade Comedy Theater is a “retail theater” that has upwards of eight shows per weekend, including a mix of monthly shows and one-off events. Every production needs to have its own look that’s representative of the show content, while also being tied back to the theater. Each project has a slightly different demographic, meaning that targeted ads and social media need to be the primary mode with which to reach audiences.

The Solution

Create a two-pronged approach: first, nurture a culture of repeat-attendance through theater-level online media prowess; second, develop strong branding materials for specific shows and events that tell a story to patrons new to the theater. By implementing a social networking strategy that builds up the theater’s Facebook and Twitter pages and encourages engagement, audiences feel as though the Arcade is an accessible, exciting venue regardless of what show they see. Building that base number of attendees for shows creates a foundation with which show-centric design & marketing can then reach new, first-time patrons.


Through demographic targeting, promoted posts, and organic sharing, I have grown the Arcade Comedy Theater Facebook and Twitter pages into healthy online portals for event promotion. The figures below are from month of February 2016 across both sites, but are representative of the kind of post-engagement and growth the theater enjoys year-round.

Facebook Likes

Facebook Reach

Arcade Facebook Page

Twitter Followers

Twitter Impressions

Arcade Twitter Page


As the theater’s designer-of-record, I create mini-brands for each regularly-recurring show.
This includes posters and handcards, website subpages, social media events and targeted ads.

Penny Arcade Brochure


In January of 2015, Arcade Comedy Theater held its first-ever sketch comedy festival, Sketchville. I developed a multi-media campaign that began with print & online ads and continued on through the show itself, which featured animated interstitial videos.